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How It Works 

  • Browse our online collection of products and purchase your favorite products individually and by the ounce. For each refillable container, you'll be charged a small bottle deposit.

  • At our refilling station, we tare our clean, empty containers on our state-approved scales and fill them up with the exact amount of product you've ordered. 

  • If you're picking up your order, we'll notify you when your order is ready! If you've selected delivery, we'll let you know what date and time window you can expect us.

  • To redeem your bottle deposit, you can either bring rinsed and empty Refillery containers back to our Refill station when picking up your next order or leave them outside your door for us to pick up on the date of your delivery.  

  • All of our containers are sanitized before being refilled.

Community Containers 

Stay tuned for an opportunity to sell your empty glass containers to a local nonprofit we're partnering with! 

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