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Lotus Trolley Bags

Lotus Trolley Bags

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Set of 4 heavy-duty reusable bags, including an insulated cooler bag, designed to help make grocery shopping faster and easier than ever
  • Additional pockets on the inside and outside of bags
  • Durable double stitching on all bags to hold over 50 pounds
  • Machine washable for your health and convenience
  • Removable support rods for cart and non-cart use
  • Velcro strips to detach bags from shopping system for individual use
  • Mold-resistant mesh bottoms
  • Designed to fit inside U.S. standard shopping carts at most grocery stores, Target, and Walmart. Not meant for wider carts at Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and H-E-B
  • Rolls up into a compact, lightweight carrier


Mold-Resistant & Machine Washable:

Other grocery totes can grow mold and mildew inside. Lotus Trolley Bags are designed with mold-resistant mesh bottoms to prevent unhealthy fungi from growing where it doesn't belong. Plus, our bags are machine washable! Simply slide out the rods and toss the bags in the washing machine. Then reinsert the rods. The insulated bag should not be machine washed. Instead, use a safe disinfectant to wipe down the interior.


Lotus Trolley Bags are multi-purpose and can be used for so much more than grocery shopping! Remove the rods to use the bags individually. Take them to the beach or farmers market. Drop off your dry cleaning. Pack the kiddos for an overnight sleepover. Carry sports equipment. With each bag able to hold more than 50 lbs, the possibilities are endless!

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